The Saga Continues...

Young Pistolero Series

  The saga of Rafael (Rafe) Ortega de Estrada and his extraordinary adventure continues.  Despondent after the death of his love, Chiwiwi, Rafe finds himself needing to return to Mexico.  He will come face to face with the past and the violence is shocking.

  The small hamlet of San Marcial is feeling the wrath of a Texas cattleman who has brought 4000 head of cattle and his rough Texas cowboys. The cowboys dislike anyone with brown skin and take out their angst in gunfire, rape, and murder.

Star of the Young Pistolero

  After the gun battle at the Anaya hacienda in Corrales, New Mexico, the fight where Rafe’s beloved Chiwiwi was killed, the saga of Rafael Ortega de Estrada continues. Rafe must risk returning to Torreón, Mexico, to rescue his mother and sister from the hacienda owned by don Bernardo Reyes. It was his duty to protect his family, but he ran when he shot don Bernardo for raping his younger sister, and they suffered. The guilt in his heart burns with rage – a rage that will see his mother and sister safe, but an unbearable surprise awaits him at the hacienda.


  American expansion pushes westward from Texas to New Mexico after the territory is incorporated into the United States, but the newcomers are bringing their prejudices. They perceive Native Americans as savages and Hispanics as inferior. Cattle rancher, John B. Sutton, heads for New Mexico after Texas begins charging for free grazing, settling in San Marcial, New Mexico. The peaceful residents of San Marcial are no match for Sutton’s well-heeled cowboys. Rafe finds himself in the center, between the newcomers and the Spanish settlers, and only guns and courage can bring peace to the valley.


 As an  early riser I often go to bed early to read. Quite often I put the book  down, go to sleep and get up in the morning to continue reading. Not  the same with this book. I got up at 1:00 AM to continue to read for  over a hour. It's a great story well told. I'm already excited about  the sequel. 

 I know I'm  reading a good book when time flies and everything I should be doing  around the house gets left undone...and that's exactly how it was while  reading Star of the Young Pistolero.  

 I'm anxious to start reading the  next in the series, Death Stalks the Young Pistolero. 

 Interesting  story about New Mexico history and life in the old west. Read the first  in the series so you can follow the life of a young Mexican and his  troubled life. 

 I love  Western Historical Fiction and I was fortunate enough to run across "The  Young Pistolero Series". I started reading Book 1 and couldn't put the  book down.  It left me craving for more and more, so in the last month I  read all of Mr. Alvarado's Books.  Believe me they are all exciting  reads and I can't wait for Book 5 !!