The Adventure Continues...

Young Pistolero Series

  The saga continues as Rafe finally back in Santa Fe starts to feel Death is stalking him, just waiting for the wrong move. 

  Not believing he will ever forget his love, Chiwiwi, Rafe suddenly finds himself drawn to a young señorita from California. Though penniless herself, the Spanish Santa Fe dandies have no intention of allowing Rafe to court her. It is against all the traditions of the Spanish caste system and Diego de la Torre intends to back it up with the tip of his sword.

Death Stalks the Young Pistolero

  Rafael (Rafe) Ortega de Estrada, the Young Pistolero, has settled back in Santa Fe to resume his life after bringing his family from the hacienda in Torreón, Mexico. Life looks bright and his plans for building a house and growing his horse breeding business are well under way. However, Death is stalking him, wanting to take him to the depths of hell.

  Death teases and taunts Rafe in the wild and rowdy mining town of Elizabethtown, New Mexico, when he and his amigo Carlos Zuniga go to rescue George Summers from claim jumpers and a spring blizzard.

  After Jed Clements tells Luke Payton his brother Butcherknife Bill was killed by a Mexican in the New Mexico Territory, Death pushes Luke, a notorious gambler and gunslinger, to New Mexico to find the Young Pistolero and kill him.

  Smitten with beautiful Ana Teresa, a señorita from a rancho in California visiting her uncle’s hacienda near Santa Fe, Rafe gets entangled with Diego de la Torre, Santa Fe’s most eligible bachelor. Diego, a Spanish aristocrat, also vies for Ana Teresa’s attention. Death disguises itself within the outdated Spanish casta system leaving havoc in its wake


 Voted #1 Fiction Book for 2016 by The Latino Author, Corina Martinez Chaudhry.  


  I love  Western Historical Fiction and I was fortunate enough to run across "The  Young Pistolero Series". I started reading Book 1 and couldn't put the  book down.  It left me craving for more and more, so in the last month I  read all of Mr. Alvarado's Books.  Believe me they are all exciting  reads and I can't wait for Book 5 !! 

 Have  enjoyed Robert's great Spanish/American western saga...  he shows how  the Caste system in Spanish, Mexican, and Indians in the US follows the  wrongs of slavery and black vs. white....  fun reading and now waiting  for the rest of the story.

 This author is just as good as many of the famous authors. ie Patterson, Kellerman, Clifford. This novel starts slowly but picks  up quickly and is hard to put down.