Taking his Rightful Name...

Young Pistolero Series

  Rafael (Rafe) Ortega de Estrada  learns the truth about his birth and life gets more complicated. The Spanish aristocrats want him hung and are fighting the American law. With trouble lurking, Rafe heads back to Torreón, Mexico to take his rightful name, Rafael Reyes de Estrada, and claim his legacy.

 Reaching his homeland as an American, Rafe sees it from a new set of eyes until Carmela extracts her revenge. Following Rayo, his Appaloosa, Rafe enters a world of intrigue and terror on a large agave and opium plantation in Jalisco. Without his wits and God's protection, he might never be able to take his rightful place in the world.

Legacy for the Young Pistolero

  After Rafael (Rafe) Ortega de Estrada, the Young Pistolero, fought with Diego de la Torre over the right to court and marry the beautiful Ana Teresa de Soto, Diego’s friends and the local Spanish aristocracy in Santa Fe are full of hate over Diego’s death. They want revenge against Rafe who had the impertinence to defy the Spanish caste system.


  His mother’s confession was shocking – she was raped by don Bernardo and Rafe is the bastard son of the man he hates the most in the world. She would have kept her secret, except the laws in Mexico have changed and Rafe may be able to inherit the huge Reyes hacienda in Torreón, Mexico. His mother begs him to inherit the estate for his sister María, who is traveling in the hills of Mexico with a known outlaw.


  Needing to go to Mexico to claim his legacy, Rafe leaves town before the Spaniards start an all out assault on his life. Legally inheriting the hacienda after proving his birthright, Rafe is spun into a dark world of tequila and opium after Carmela steals Rafe’s prize Appaloosa from the streets of Mexico City. Torn between his responsibilities and rescuing his prize horse, he might not live long enough to claim his legacy and his lawful name, Rafael Reyes de Estrada.


 Voted #3 Fiction Book for 2017 by The Latino Author, Corina Martinez Chaudhry.  


  I love  Western Historical Fiction and I was fortunate enough to run across "The  Young Pistolero Series". I started reading Book 1 and couldn't put the  book down.  It left me craving for more and more, so in the last month I  read all of Mr. Alvarado's Books.  Believe me they are all exciting  reads and I can't wait for Book 5 !! 

 Starts off slow but then really gets going. there is lots of action and some romance with just a bunch of great characters. There  are so many twists and turns the book is hard to put down. a great  read. I was surprised and pleased to see there is going to another book  in the series. Good stuff