Change is Coming, but Slowly...

Young Pistolero Series

 The American rule of law is coming of age in a world which had been controlled by Spanish dons, but it will not be without growing pains. 

  Rafael (Rafe) Reyes de Estrada has taken his rightful name, though life is not ready to give him a proper status. He is still not acceptable in the eyes of the Spanish caste system to marry Ana Teresa. Run out of Los Angeles by vigilantes harassing people of Hispanic origin, Rafe and Ana Teresa have trouble by the name of Desperate Billy, who has escaped from the Fort Yuma stockade.

 All Rafe and his new bride want is a peaceful life, but trouble is waiting in Santa Fe when he returns. The Spanish aristocrats still want his head for the death of one of the local sons, Diego de la Torre.

A Reckoning for the Young Pistolero

   Having accepted his legacy as Rafael Reyes de Estrada, Rafe wants to reestablish his life and business in Santa Fe with Ana Teresa by his side, but the vigilantes in Los Angeles have other ideas after they spot the young Mexicano with an enviable Appaloosa. 

  It seems trouble finds them everywhere, including a run in with an Army deserter named, Desperate Billy.

  Finally back in Santa Fe, he finds the Spanish aristocrats are out to insure he hangs for the death of Diego de la Torre. Though the Spanish caste system holds no legal power in the American territory, the aristocrats will not give up. No half-blooded Mexican would get away with murdering a full-blooded Spaniard.

  Stripped of his guns, Rafe awaits his fate in a cold jail cell anxiously waiting to learn what fate has in store from him. His trust in the American justice system to clear his name is weakening as each day of his incarceration passes and the Spanish aristocrats continue plotting against him.


Award Winning Series


It’s very rare that you find a series of books that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout each chapter, but this sequence of the life of Rafael Ortega de Estrada (Rafe) does this and much more. You can’t get enough of this western saga and the day the books end will be a disappointment for many readers. Mr. Alvarado’s descriptions of history, the character’s and their significance to the story, and the amazing dialogue quickly bring the reader into the author’s fictional world. A reader couldn’t ask for more and will feel as if they’ve entered into a whole new world. And they have!

Corina Martinez Chaudhry - The Latino Author

  I love  Western Historical Fiction and I was fortunate enough to run across "The  Young Pistolero Series". I started reading Book 1 and couldn't put the  book down.  It left me craving for more and more, so in the last month I  read all of Mr. Alvarado's Books.  Believe me they are all exciting  reads and I can't wait for Book 5 !! 

Released April 2018